Close to two years ago, I had a dream.  A legit, eyes-closed snoring-loudly dream.  One of those dreams where you meet people you instantly love, where you do incredible things, where you don’t want it to end.  So when I woke up, I continued it in my head.  Then I started writing it down.  Then I started getting serious, creating new characters, developing a(n attempt at a) plot, and wondering if I would ever want to be a writer.

And then I joined Critique Circle, and things changed a little.  Okay, a lot.

I learned to give and take critiques.  I learned about showing and telling, deep POV, potting vs pantsing, pacing, query letters, beta readers, filler words, passive voice, perseverance, coffee, and just how much I love to write.

January 1, 2015, I finished writing my 75,00 word YA novel.  Now it’s being mercilessly edited by Yours Truly, and then it will be ruthlessly thrown out to CC, and perhaps torn apart by my library’s teen writer’s club as well.

So that’s the story of me and my WIP.  Let’s end with a little synopsis, shall we?  (Don’t be too brutal, it’s a WIP too!)

Sixteen-year-old Star has always dreamed of going to the city of Spiritus.  It’s where her mother grew up, where her parents met, and where people are trained to become Defenders.  She has little hope for this dream, as Spiritus is halfway across the continent… until Strider and Emmella, two mysterious strangers, show up.  They take her with them to Spiritus, where she finally has a chance of earning the title of Defender — except that an evil lord has plans of his own for the city of Spiritus.  Star has to risk everything she holds dear to save the city — and the people — she values most.

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