Maximum Ride


Author: the best-selling James Patterson

Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Max (full name: Maximum Ride) has a lot on her plate.  She’s responsible for protecting five of her closest friends from blood-thirsty scientists who want to experiment on them.  One of those friends happens to be a cute, quiet, boy.  Then she’s also trying to track down her long-lost parents.  Oh, and she’s supposed to save the world in her free time.  But at least she can fly.

She and the rest of the “flock” have to fight off half-wolf, half-human mutants, rescue the youngest member of their winged-group from captivity, and find a place to eat tonight.  Because flying sure does have a way of making you hungry.

So come along and join the adventure, but be ready, ’cause you’ve gotta soar to survive.

What I love about it:   1) The plot.  I mean, how awesome is a bunch of bird-kids soaring around America trying to stop an evil science team?    2) The characters.  From adorable Angle to blind-but-sarcastic Iggy, the whole Flock is amazing.  And Max herself is awesome.  She has determination, a pair of wings, a bit of self-doubt, and an amazing wit that’s used for extreme sarcasm.

Content Advisory: nothing bad —  a bit of action violence and a smidgen of romance that’s completely clean.

Rating: 4.5 stars, if only because the first book wasn’t nearly as good as the second two.

Describe it in one sentence: An action-packed, sky-soaring adventure that leaves you breathless and wanting to read more.

Bonus: shout out to my older brother for introducing me to this series!

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