An Explanation for my Lack of Progress

gravestoneLast week, my laptop died.


Thankfully, I’ve learned to backup my work extremely thoroughly.  I didn’t lose any hard-earned writing, so that’s the good news.

The bad news is that I always write on my laptop.  And I haven’t written since it died.

We had a system, that laptop and I.  Comfy chair in my room, fuzzy TARDIS blanket, coffee, slippers, laptop, me, words.

The only other computer available to me is our family’s main computer.  There are several issues with writing on this.

1) I don’t have Google Drive installed, which is how I backup my documents.

2) The keyboard is awful, terrible, no good, very bad.  Clunky, slow, evil.  I’m currently laboring through a blog post on it, but the idea of having to write actual creative work on it – which, at its best, involves writing as fast as your fingers will let you – is torture.

3) It’s my family’s.  There are four other people in my family, three of which don’t currently have their own working computer.  So… I get to use it when no one else needs to.

At some point, I may buy a tablet (with a nice keyboard).  Or something.  But for now… no writing.

The other issue: I’m leaving.

This weekend, I’m going out of the country on a missions trip!  I’ll be gone for over a week.  And then there’s camp.  And family vacation.  And and and….

So much for getting this thing finished this summer.

Good news?  I’ve been reading a ton.  And it’s been absolutely wonderful.  (More on that soon!)

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