Some Epic Music (for those epic scenes)

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the newest writing-related thing I’ve stumbled across:

Epic Music.

Perfect for helping your eyes stay open into the late hours of the night, perfect for giving that boost of energy to push through just one more paragraph.

My new favorite song is called Eternal Flame, by Audiomachine.

Take a listen.  Your life will be better because you spent four minutes of your time on this song.

And if you loved it as much as I did, check out the other music by Audiomachine.

Aaaaaaand since you spent four minutes listening to that song, I’ll keep this blog post nice and short today.  🙂  Especially since I already talked about writing and music here.

If you’re interested in more epic writing music, check out this playlist:

“One Day” by Hans Zimmer (from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack)

“Binary Sunset,” “Jedi Temple March,” “Across the Stars,” and “Duel of the Fates” by John Williams (from Star Wars)

“Flying Theme” and “Forbidden Friendship” by John Powell (from How to Train Your Dragon)

“Flying With Mother” and “Where No One Goes” (from How to Train Your Dragon 2)

“Asgard” by Brian Tyler (from Thor)

“Summer Solstice” by Audiomachine

“Berlin,” “Waterfall,” and a bunch of others by The Piano Guys

“Flight of the Order” and “Fireworks” by Nicholas Hooper (from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

“The Battle” and “Prince Caspian Flees” by Harry Gregson-Williams (from Narnia)

“I am the Doctor” and a bunch of others by Murray Gold (from Doctor Who)

“Song of the Caged Bird” by Lindsey Stirling

“Forth Eorlingas,” “The Last March of the Ents,” “The Lighting of the Beacons,” “The Breaking of the Fellowship,” “Concerning Hobbits,” “The Misty Mountain Song,” and soooo many others, by Howard Shore (from LOTR)

Literally any song from the movie Spirit

“Expression” by Helena Jane Long

“Meet Princess Zelda” a others from Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess (and many other Zelda games)

“Mountains” by Hans Zimmer (from Interstellar)   oh my gosh this song gets me every time

Basically any song by Hans Zimmer

okay I know I said I was keeping this post short but you’re the one who’s been reading this entire list.


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