Empty in a Good Way

I recently did something I wouldn’t normally do:

I took my writing with me on vacation to visit a friend.  I opted not to bring my laptop, so instead, I put my MS on a flash drive and just popped it into my friend’s computer whenever I had a mixture of free time and desire to write.

I didn’t write every day.  But I did get some serious wordage down, and ironed out a pesky plot hole.

After one particular writing session (which included filling in said plot hole), I stood up from the computer, stretched, and grinned.  It was like this huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  I felt empty – in a good way.  Like I’d just reached into a part of my soul that I didn’t know existed, and tore it out in the form of words, and yet it was so much more beautiful on a computer screen than it had been inside of me.

I’ve been thinking about this feeling ever sense: the lightness that I sometimes get after a good/long writing session.  Like I’m on the moon and only weigh 50 pounds.  Like I’ve just created free space in my head.  Like I’ve made something beautiful.

Like… like I’ve cried.

I found this quote today that sums up what I’m getting at:

writing Weeping

There it is.  The quote that made me stop and gasp.  The quote that put it perfectly.

I’ve always thought that when I make my MC cry, afterwords I need to describe a sense of emptiness.  The tears are gone, the world is unchanged by them, and soon it will be time to move on.  But for a short while, she should be left in the wake of tears, totally empty.

That’s what it’s like after I write.

I’ve heard it said that writing is like taking a bath.  Writing is like a bath for the soul.  It leaves my mind empty, uncluttered, ready for anything.

Do you know what I mean?

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