Getting to Know You

Hey everyone!

I want this website to be a place of community.  A place of support.  A place where you can give your two-cents worth on things related to writing and life.

But some of you loyal followers NEVER comment on my blog!

So.  Today we’re doing something a little different.

Today, I want to get to know YOU.


If you enjoy my blog, leave me a comment on THIS page with four pieces of info:

1. Your name.  (Not your full name!  Doesn’t even have to be your real name.  If you want to be Voldemort today, that’s fine.)

2. One fun thing about yourself.  (You know, that random fact that make you YOU.)

3. One of your favorite fictional characters.

4. One thing you’d like me to blog about / one question for me, either personal or writing-related.

I’ll leave an example for you in the comments.  🙂

Thanks guys!

3 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. Here’s my example:

    Name: Beth. Also sometimes “The Doctor.”
    Fun Fact: on Tuesday I fell off a horse. Yes I ride horses, and it is amazingful.
    A favorite character: Aragorn. Gosh I love him. Also Uncle Press from the Pendragon series.
    Question/Suggestion: Beth, I’d like to hear your thoughts on fanfiction (since you’re a teenage writer and all that). Also, what color is your hair?

    Easy peasy.


  2. Name: Skye
    Fun Fact: When I was younger, I happened to look at one of the horses on the farm, noticed it was bleeding, and turned around to tell my mom, only to smack straight into a post with a nail sticking out of it. Sliced the inside of my eyelid, but no damage to the eye itself. I still have 20-vision in that eye while I have astigmatism in the other. Go figure.
    Favorite Character: Hermione Granger. She’s one tough chicka.
    Question/Suggestion: Ermmm… As I haven’t read all your blog posts yet, I don’t know if you’ve talked about this already, but I love hearing about people’s writing processes and was curious about how yours is.



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