My NaNo Survival Kit / Tour of my Desk

Well, folks.  One week of sanity remaining.

Since NaNoWriMo is only seven days away, I thought it was high time that I gave y’all a desk tour.  Most people would call this their “Survival Kit,” but mine happens to all be at a desk, so….

THE DESK TOUR! (With photos)

The desk itself:


Unicorns on the top!  Because… fantasy story.  With unicorns.


The “Inspiration Box.”  If I wake up one day and have no idea what to write, then I will open this beautiful box, reach in, and grab two items.  The idea is that I MUST use one or the other in my story.  So say I pull out a candle and an ipod.  Then I could either light something on fire (in the story), or play some music (in the story).  Or have the character smell something, or hear some music, or something.  Basically, it’s the box for Unsticking the Plot.

20151005_214340 20151005_214354

The Emotion Thesaurus.  (Don’t tell anyone that I couldn’t spell Thesaurus.)  I blogged all about this nifty book here, but I’ll just sum it up real quick: it tells you how to show emotion by giving physical actions for each emotion.  Wanna show Eagerness? Have your characters be leaning forward, licking lips, smiling, bouncing on toes, rushing one’s words, etc.  It gives you amazing lists of reactions to each emotion.  It is wonderful.


This next book has nothing to do with writing.  It’s just there in case I need to give my brain a few minutes off.  I’ve heard it said that sometimes it’s helpful to have a book to read just to remember how words are supposed to go together.  This is one of my all-time favorites (It’s Sundancer by Shelly Peterson) and I’ve read it so many times that I can just jump in and read a few pages without being sucked in too much.


Lights.  Lighty orb balls of happiness.  So that I can have some lovely light-filled inspiration or something.  (Five dollars at Target, people!  Definitely worth it.)


Slippers of fuzziness and a blanket.  Because my basement is cold.


Random flashcards stuck everywhere!

20151024_141331 20151024_141312 20151024_14134720151024_141338

My personal favorites: when all else fails, blow something up, and Philippians 4:13 for goodness sake!

Then we have the Reward Graph to encourage the word count to keep going up.


NOT PICTURED: Kleenex, hand lotion, lip balm, note cards, markers, a character binder, a notebook, my laptop, a large music playlist, a NaNo calendar, and a box of assorted candy.

Finally, we have the great NaNoWriMo mug, for lots and lots of caffeine.


I hope this tour has inspired you in some way, or maybe given you a new idea about your work space.  Is there anything I’ve left out?

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