The Siren

Kiera Cass, the author of this charming series:


Has just released (or re-released) this delightful stand-alone novel:


I really liked the Selection series.  It won’t go down in history as on my top ten list, but I enjoyed it.  It was fun.  Annoying at some points.  Endearing at others.  It was mostly well-done.  But The Siren?  It’s a whole new level of awesome.  I tore through it in just a few days, from one delightful page to another.

The premise?  The main character, Kahlen, is a Siren.  She sings for the Ocean.  And she is absolutely not allowed to fall in love.


I’m not usually one for romance-focused books.  But this didn’t feel like a romance book.  It felt like a really good fairy tale to be read on a sunny beach instead of in a cozy bedroom.  It felt like Since You’ve Been Gone if it had been written in the Fantasy genre.  It was delicious.  The friendships were beautiful, the characters cool, and the premise was fascinating.  And it had none of the annoying things that I disliked about the Selection series.

Kiera Cass, well done.

4.5/5 stars.

If you want a fuller review, this one on Goodreads perfectly sums up my feelings.


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