MM 4 – Don’t Waste Today.

You will never get a chance to repeat today.

What you do with your seconds and minutes today is set in stone for all eternity.  You can never take back the things your do, the words you say.

Your number of days is limited.  Finite.  Coming to an end.

So don’t waste a single one of them.

What do you want your legacy to be?  When you look back on your life someday, would you rather be able to brag about how your novel has impacted lives, or about how many hours you spent watching Netflix?  Would you rather have a long list of people you’ve blessed, or a long list of days wasted to Facebook?

We each only get one chance on this Earth.

Act like it.

Write like it.

Thanks to an amazing Broadway musical, I’m currently fascinated by someone named Alexander Hamilton.  An American founding father and politician back in the 1700s, Hamilton did a ton with his short life.

He published his first work in America when he was 17.  It was a 35-page, 13,000-word defense of the Continental Congress.  He followed it up a year later with 30,000-word sequel.  Yeah.  Hamilton had published an entire novel’s worth of words while he was still a teenager.

What have YOU been up to?

Hamilton wrote like there was no tomorrow.  He did SO MUCH with his short life.

I want to have that same drive.  That same passion.

My absolute favorite lines from the musical are these:

Why do you write like you're Running out of time

Both in the Hamilton musical, and in real life, Alexander Hamilton heard the constant ticking of his life’s clock.  He knew he only had one chance.  And he made the most of it.

Be like Hamilton.  Write like you’re running out of time.  Like you only have one life.  Like your story needs to be told.  Like today matters.

hamilton 1.gif

Write like your chair’s on fire, like someone’s holding a gun to your head, like you believe in your story.  Write like you’re Alexander Hamilton.

Don’t waste today.  Get off the internet and write your story.  Today counts if you make it count.

The path to becoming a writer is simple.  You simply have to choose, day after day, to say Yes, I will write today.  I might not feel like it and I might write trash, but I will write nonetheless.


3 thoughts on “MM 4 – Don’t Waste Today.

  1. As soon as you said the word -Legacy- I knew you were a Hamilton fan. How fabulous is that? I swear Hamilton is the antidote to all my writing procrastination. Aside from being utterly brilliant, it really is a love letter to writers (which is a thing LMM said in an interview and I think about it every time, I listen to the cast album).
    Btw, this post is epic and lovely and I need more Hamilton references in my life. Also, I need his brains, and writing ability, and I think I would be appalled at how much he could have written if only he’d had a keyboard. Could you imagine? He’d probably be on Twitter at 3AM, saying “Hey world, I had this idea for a thing and I wrote a 60k novel in 2 days. Here read it!”
    And we would still love him.

    Liked by 1 person

      • 🙂 It’s quickly becoming the fandom sort of thing with so many layers of awesome, like Harry Potter that I just want to share with everyone and everyone looks at me like I’ve grown a second head because of my enthusiasm. Pity. Still, it’s lovely.


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