Your Weekly Motivation – Arriving a Day Late

Hello fellow writers!

Sorry I’m a day late.  Hope your summer is going amazing.

Today’s piece of writerly wisdom: take your writing with you.

This email is a day late because I’m traveling internationally and I’ve been busy packing, flying, and buying overpriced airport food.

But in my little backpack that comes with me on the plane, there’s a notebook and gel pens.  Because even though I’m not bringing my laptop, I can’t go two weeks without writing.  So on the layovers and late nights, I’m going to be writing.

And planning.  And dreaming up this story in my head.

So look.  If I can write this blog post from my phone in an airport, you can write during your lunch break.  Or first thing in the morning.  Or you can plan story arcs in your head while you wait at a stop light.  You can work on characters as you take a shower.

Write whenever and wherever you can.  Your story will benefit, and so will you.

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