MM6 – 500 Words

Today was the first day in a long time that I’ve actually glued myself to a chair for a writing session.  (That was a figure of speech, but if you find real glue to be helpful to your writing process, go for it!)

For the next 6 weeks, I’m forcing myself to write at least 500 words a day, 6 days a week.  That will be 3,000 words a week, and 18,000 words total.  (Whoever said homeschoolers weren’t good at math?)

Now, that’s not record-breaking at all.  Heck, that’s EASY compared to doing NaNoWriMo.  But there are two things I’m going for with this approach.

One is quality over quantity.  Yes, I learned a lot from doing NaNoWriMo last November.  But I wrote at such a breakneck speed that the quality of the story suffered greatly.  By allowing myself to write slowly, I will give myself the space required to create this story well as the plot unfolds before me.

Second, I’m hoping that this practice will help instill better writing habits in me.  At the Christian camp I just got back from, the pastor said something over and over to us: practice doesn’t make perfect.  Practice makes permanent.

His point was that we should intentionally practice loving people so that it becomes a habit.  My point is that I want to intentionally practice writing for a long period of time so that it too becomes a habit.  (I want to practice loving well, too!)

Here’s the deal: the things you do are the things you’ll keep doing.  If you want writing to be part of your life for the rest of your life, you have to practice it.  And there’s no better day than today.

I’d love to have you join my 500word/ day challege.  500 words is enough to get you engaged with your story, to get your feet wet, to get the ball rolling.  It feels like an accomplishment when you’re done, and often times you want to keep writing even after you’ve hit that mark.

But even if that seems too hard, I’d love for you to write something – anything – today.

Practice Makes Permanent.  Start practicing.

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