A College Campus

Hello my lovely writers!  Sorry it’s been a while.  The fall semester just started up here in the US, and I’ve been a little busy.  This is the third week of classes me, which my friends and I affectionately call “death week” – it’s the week when all the first papers are due, every class suddenly has ten homework assignments, a quiz, and fifty pages of reading, and oh by the way you have an exam next week so START STUDYING!

I’m actually pretty on top of my homework-game.  Not so much the writing-game, but, you know, priorities.

she needs to sort out her priorities

Anyways, if it’s been a while since you’ve been on a college campus, let me tell you: it’s an amazing place for writerly inspiration. 

I’ve said before that I view characters as a jigsaw puzzle of details.  Well, if you need some details, look no further than your college campus (if you live on one).  The extraordinary and strange surround us every day in the form of sleep-deprived young adults and strangely-purposed buildings.

Here are some examples from the few weeks I’ve been back on campus:

  • The guy in the coffee shop at 10pm, bare feet proudly displayed
  • The lady in the library whose office has about two hundred books, a spinning wheel, and a beautiful vintage bicycle
  • The guy in a sports jersey watching a football game alone in an empty lounge, standing and pacing as he watches.  His team scores a goal, and he jumps into the air, complete with the fist punch and cry of victory.
  • The girl with twenty body piercings who is the most gentle, quiet, Hufflepuff-like person I’ve met
  • The guy who skateboards around sitting down on his skateboard
  • The professor who curses a lot, has tattoos up his arms, and is passionate about medieval literature
  • The guy who, no matter the weather, is always wearing a trenchcoat
  • Those two girls that you always see together, no matter what.  Do they never get tired of each other?
  • The guy who can’t help but put his feet on the table in class
  • The girl who snorts when she laughs, even when in class

It’s not just people, it’s places, too:

  • The coffee shop with green and black walls, abstract paintings, and metal chairs that feel like they’re from the 80’s.  Also purple couches, mirrors along one wall, and low, pulsing music that makes you want to dance a little.
  • The oldest building on campus, with narrow, catercorner halls and no elevator and little half-staircases every fifty feet.  It smells like a mixture of old carpet and old books, and it’s very easy to get lost in.  Unmarked doors that seem to lead to Nowhere or Narnia.
  • The little courtyard and fountain, with wooden benches and flowers around it.  If you walk there early in the morning, it feels like you’ve just missed the fairies.
  • The quiet section of the library, back where the endless rows of books stand – a place where whispers earn glares, and it feels like if you make too much noise you’ll wake the furniture.
  • The whole campus on a Sunday morning: quiet and empty; a city with sunshine and birds but no people.

College campuses are fun places to be most of the time.  I’d love to hear your experiences at university if you have any unusual ones to share.  Don’t forget: inspiration walks around you every day, not matter where you go.  (It’s just a little more obvious – and more strange – on a college campus.)

8 thoughts on “A College Campus

  1. Delightful observations!

    Don’t forget the hangars for experimental R&D spacecraft just off-campus. (I used a university setting for part of the SF novel I’m now shopping around. :))


    • Thank you! And that’s so cool that you used a campus as a setting for your novel. I can definitely see a university as having some awesome tech they’re hiding away just off campus. That sounds like a great addition to your story!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so cool! These are just the kinds of details that bring a story to life. Noticing things is a key element in being a good writer. Excellent work! I love what you said about waking the furniture. 🙂 Good luck with your academic pursuits and your writing!


  3. That’s so cool! I check out your posts and they are really interesting. I like your blog’s design too!

    I’ve followed you! I’m a young aspiring author, and I got a suggestion to follow your blog from someone in a writing group on facebook. I loved your posts, and I thought it would be awesome if I could exchange follows with someone closer to my age. Do follow me back here: http://mydream-journey-destination.blogspot.my, where I practise writing, it would really mean a lot to me if you could feedback my stories once in a while!! 🙂


    • Thank you so much! Welcome to the world of being a writer. And… somEONE SUGGESTED MY BLOG TO YOU?!?!?! THAT’S AMAZING AHHHHH. *deep breath* Ahem, uh, what was I saying? Oh. Yes I will definitely check out your blog! Glad you joined the writing family here!


  4. It’s great that you’re observing life around you. I’ve been informally trained to keep my head down and my eyes/mind out of other people’s business…something that, as a writer, I’m hoping to train myself out of. Some observations from my college experience:

    – The guy who sits in the front row…and shamelessly slathers a deodorant roll over his close-shaven head.
    – The chill guy who says he’s smoking a blend of peppermint and lavender, but you wonder…
    – The guy who befriends you instantly in fencing class, and it turns out you’re both Christians. His approach: to throw the literal gauntlet at my feet (first impressions!)
    – Then there’s that one guest prof who reaches you faster and better with more information than the class’s usual prof. She likes to show videos and speaks with passion as she moves around the room.

    I’m trying to be more observant. I was in a play, and my character had to people-watch. The director got frustrated with me, ’cause I went into auto-pilot: head down, mind your own business. He suggested I go to a diner and people-watch, taking notes. I chickened out and never did. For that show, I gave my worst-ever performance. Had an audience voting ballot to prove it.

    Cool post. Thanks for making me think ❤


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