An Announcement!

Hello, friends!  I hope your November is going well, and that if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, that you’re having a blast getting lost in your story.

However, today, I have an important announcement that’s not related to NaNo.

Drum-roll, please.


I have a new blog!  Which means that this blog, this website… it’s over.

I know, I know.  You’re all sobbing.

everything's got to end


It’s okay, guys!  I’ll still be running basically the same blog, just with a new name and a new look.  But same old me.

cross my hearts


So where can you find me now?  Glad you asked.  My new website is short and sweet.

It’s up-and-running, so head on over and give it a look.  And if you still want to be updated on when I post, hit the Follow button on that site.  (Thanks in advance.)

If you’re wondering why the website change, I give some pretty good reasons over on that blog.  Go check it out.  Basically, I’m ready for a change.  Reasons explained over there.

10 Oh I'm ready


Finally, if you’re wondering how I’m doing with NaNoWriMo… that’s also explained over there.  What are you doing still on this website?  The party’s over there now!

Thanks to everyone who’s made my journey on this site amazing.  I hope to see all of you over on the new site.

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