When Your Mother Packs Your Lunch

I had class today.  Being the amazing person I am, I forgot to pack a lunch until thirty seconds before it was time to leave.

Being the amazing person she is, my mother packed my lunch for me!

And she packed me a Starbucks drink.

(I promise this story is related to writing.)

Anyway, she packed me a Starbucks cold coffee drink.

Being the amazing drink it is, THIS happened:

Me: *strokes bottle of coffee*

Friend 1: What are you doing

Me: Oh coffee, you are going to be my life in November.

Friend: What

Me: You know, for NaNoWriMo

Friend: What

Me: *explains NaNoWriMo*

Friend: So what’s your story going to be about?

Me: *explains the Story*

Friend: coolness

Me: yeah!  But I have to finish my first novel first

Friend: your what

Me: *explains TSOC*


Me: *drinks coffee*

Friend: That’s really cool

Friend: Can I read it?

Friend 2 comes over.

Friend 2: I want to read it too

Me: Okay!  Let me finish editing it really quick…

Friends: okay!  Hurry up!

Me: *whispers* coffee you are magical.


And now I have two new beta readers.

(P.S. if anyone reading this is interested in being a beta reader for TSOC, click the link in the menu above.  No pressure.)