The Ultimate Resource Page

Hello internet!  I’ve often included links to websites, blogs, videos, and helpful resources in my blog posts.  I thought it was time to have a Master Page with all that combined info on it.  As you all stumble across other helpful resources or posts, let me know and I’ll add them to this list for everyone to see.

Writing Community:

  • NaNoWriMo – Every November, hundreds of thousands of writers gather virtually to write a novel in a month.  There are also events in April and May each year, known as Camp NaNoWriMo.
  • Critique Circle – An online critique group, where you learn by giving and receiving feedback based on a weekly submission queue.  I grew a lot as a writer here.

Books on Writing/ Editing:

  • Self Editing for Fiction Writers – Taught me [almost] everything I know about good writing.  Funny and lighthearted and jam-packed full of good stuff.
  • Goal, Motivation, and Conflict  – I haven’t read it, but it sounds amazing.
  • On Writingby Steven King – Haven’t read this either, but I’ve heard many sources say good things about it.
  • The Emotion Thesaurus – a beautiful, easy-to-use resource for all emotion reactions.
  • Save the Cat!  – a book on screenwriting that I’ve heard applies brilliantly to novel writing.
  • The Art of Writing Fiction – this looks like a well-rounded, fascinating read that’s full of wisdom about all things writing.
  • A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver – a delightful, easy read giving some great advice and insight for the beginner poet.

Overall Helpful Websites:

Help for Editing:

Helpful Links for Specific Things:

Resources Specifically for Fantasy Writers:

Random Writing-Related Resources or Programs:

  • Coffitivity – This fun website creates a fabulous background chatter similar to being in a coffee shop.  Just enough noise to keep your brain going.
  • Scrivener – a program to download that helps you organize and edit your MS.
  • Write or Die – if you like to be motivated by punishment instead of reward, try this website.  It “punishes” you if you don’t write fast enough.  Flashing red screen, sirens going off… whatever it takes to get you to type as fast as you can.

Finding Agents or Getting Query Advice:

  • AARonline – a beautiful site with an agent index
  • AgentQuery – another agent index, though not quite as pretty
  • Agent Query Connect – a forum website where you can give and receive query critiques; super helpful and fast turn-around
  • KT Literary’s Query Reviews – this agent has people submit queries to her specifically for her to review and critique, and she posts those critiques on her blog.  Pretty awesome!
  • Query Shark – another online query critique system, although I feel like this one deals more with newbie mistakes than with helping people who have already done their homework.
  • Manuscript Wishlist – where agents and editors spell out exactly what they’re looking for in a novel.

Buying Books:

  • Thrift Books – where you can buy used books for ridiculously low prices

Have a favorite writing website?  A blog post that spoke to your heart?  Leave it in the comments, and I’ll add it to the list!  Also let me know what you think of any of these resources that you’ve used.

Happy writing, people!


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Resource Page

  1. Hi there, very interesting read. I’m currently finishing a BA in Creative Writing in the UK and there is one book that has really helped me: The Art of Writing Fiction, Andrew Cowan (2011). Cowan is the director of a Master’s degree in Writing and has summed up the course in his book; it has massively improved my own writing. Hope this helps!


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